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Dynamics 365 Field Service
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Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Field Service is a system for managing field service representatives and monitoring maintenance progress.

It solves all the tasks concerning building the schedule, drawing up optimal routes, ensuring effective communication between the dispatch service, field representatives, and customers. Dynamic Aspect will provide you with prompt integration of cloud-based Dynamic 365 Field Service into your existing ERP system, or as a stand-alone solution.

Key Benefits of Dynamics 365 Field Service

Effective management of field service representatives solves many tasks affecting customer service speed and quality, including timely receipt and processing of incoming orders, selection of delivery time and routes for visiting customers, provision of employees with the required equipment, preparation of accounting documentation, and more.
Dynamics 365 Field Service
Empower field technicians | Dynamics 365 Field Service

If your company implements Dynamics 365 Field Service by Dynamic Aspect, your company will receive the following benefits:

Flexible and comprehensive solution for any company
Like any other products included in the Dynamics 365 family, Field Service is easily integrated with other Microsoft solutions and other third-party products. Depending on the client's needs, Dynamic Aspect specialists will choose the optimal configuration to solve all current challenges of the company.
Improving work performance of field service representatives
Dynamics 365 Field Service assists with planning and optimizing customer routes, coordinating the arrival time, receiving information about customer's needs, quickly communicating with the dispatcher, and sending the nearest qualified specialist to the customer's location. Therefore, the average number of orders completed by each field representative is increased.
Improving the quality of customer service
Customer service managers can track their staff's movements, order status, and customer feedback on work quality. They can make adjustments to the processes and give recommendations to individual staff members.
Optimization of resources
Information about received and completed orders instantly appears in the system, including the products and materials needed for their execution.
It reminds you to check your stock reserves and replenish them on time.
Analytical features of the program help you to study the geography, the intensity, and product range of orders, optimising the work of supply and warehousing departments.
All functionality of the Dynamics 365 Field Service is available on mobile devices. Field service representatives always receive full information about customers and completed orders. Dispatch Service can see all employees' current locations, connect with them or customers using any convenient channel, and make adjustments to active orders or customers' personal information.
Cloud-based Dynamics 365 Field Service enables automation of all processes without high additional costs, resulting in happy customers, optimising the work of employees, and the use of resources.

Dynamics 365 Field Service Features

It’s essential to make the customer a priority, providing high-quality service in a timely matter, with minimum effort, time, and resources. A variety of Dynamics 365 Field Service Features functionalities can help your company to achieves this:
Dispatch Service
Regardless of how you receive the customer’s order, over a phone, website, or messenger, all information appears in the system immediately. The dispatcher can see the current schedule of orders and staff members' location to determine available dates and required resources. The system considers the geographic location of customers and service field representatives, availability of inventory, equipment, qualified specialists, special requests of customers, and more.
Product Catalog
A complete range of products and services is always at hand, with the opportunity to create particular groups depending on seasonal, promotional, and individual discounts, according to the customer type, and more. During the increase of order quantity, discounts are applied automatically.
Inventory management
Dynamic 365 Field Service shows the consumption and receipt of all products and materials in warehouses, stores, offices, automobiles, and trucks. Because of the constant and accurate ratio of available inventory to orders received, you can maintain the optimal stock reserves, reducing write-offs and preventing shortages of products and materials.
Administration and analytics
A single database contains all information about received and completed orders. Back office staff members can prepare required documents as soon as the status is changed to "completed," even before the engineer returns to the office. Based on the history of completed orders, you can analyse the consumer behaviour and customer preferences, as well as characteristics and properties of sold products, identifying the most problematic that most often require repair and maintenance.
Dynamic 365 Field Service System is especially beneficial to companies like Smart House Systems, working with maintenance and repair of high-tech equipment, automotive and agricultural machinery, industrial, medical, and other electronic control equipment. The system brings their service to the next level.

Data from machines and equipment received over telemetry channels helps to identify possible breakdowns and malfunctions in advance so that you can carry out maintenance to prevent equipment failure.
Mobile app
Dynamic 365 Field Service has desktop and mobile versions, making it possible for field service representatives to have access to information about a client, a product, step-by-step manuals on completing orders, and other necessary details. While working remotely, field technicians can take photos and videos, send them over the app, use barcode scanners, RFID and QR tags, read credit card data, and more.
Customer Portal
In addition to traditional ways of communicating with clients, Dynamic 365 Field Service lets you create a customer portal. It allows your customers to place orders through personal accounts, track their status, leave comments and suggestions, and feedback about staff members and completed work.
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Who can benefit from Dynamics 365 Field Service?
Dynamics 365 Field Service is perfect for any company managing a vast number of field service representatives implementing product deliveries, assembly and installation of furniture and equipment, repair and maintenance of machinery, and more.
Clients of Dynamic Aspect include courier delivery Service, telephone and Internet service providers installing and maintaining fiber-optic networks, medical and cosmetology companies bringing their Service to customers' homes, service departments of home appliance manufacturers, and many more.
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Our highly experienced team of Professionals having the collective experience of over hundreds of successful Project implementations.
Years of Expertise
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Our highly experienced team of Professionals having the collective experience of over hundreds of successful Project implementations.
In-depth Knowledge
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Our highly experienced team of Professionals having the collective experience of over hundreds of successful Project implementations.
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Our highly experienced team of Professionals having the collective experience of over hundreds of successful Project implementations.
Subject Matter Experts
Our highly experienced team of Professionals having the collective experience of over hundreds of successful Project implementations.
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